Why is VoIP Good For Small Business?

The most immediate benefit of VoIP for most businesses is savings on long distance charges. Companies equipped for VoIP can place long-distance calls over the Internet rather than the PSTN and avoid paying long distance charges. Since most companies already pay for broadband Internet connections, the only additional requirement is the equipment that connects telephones to the IP network.

The so called “VoIP revolution” in telecommunications can benefit many consumers. The group who stands to gain the most….if they’re smart…are small businesses.

In addition to the cost savings, bringing voice and data together on one network opens the door to new services. Advanced conferencing, unified e-mail and voicemail messaging and dialing calls by selecting from a computer contact list are just a few of the new service possibilities.

The benefits of VoIP can go beyond free long distance calling and new services. Because VoIP integrates voice calling with the IP network, businesses of the future will only need one network to operate, rather than separate telephone and computer networks. A single integrated network is cheaper to install and maintain, and there would only be one network service bill to pay. We recommend Packet8 service for businesses of today…..and tomorrow.

But fully converged networks are a long way off for most small companies. Today, traditional PSTN telephony is still crucial for the vast majority of businesses. Since most of the telephone calls for the majority of small businesses come from local callers using the traditional telephone network, small businesses need to maintain their traditional PSTN links. For those small business where VoIP doesn’t make sense yet we recommend using a “Best Rate Calculator”…. such as you’ll find discussed at Broadband Nation…. to optimize your PSTN usage and cost effectiveness.