How Does VoIP Improve Your Business?

One of the most significant technology developments that have revolutionized the way we communicate and the business world is VoIP a.k.a. Voice Over Internet Protocol. Our traditional phones are connected to a landline which makes conversations with other people to be weak to interference and expensive. Fortunately for us, VoIP provides us with the opportunity to have great and long distance conversations over the internet with business partners or friends at a much smaller cost. Also, you can call any local, international or even a mobile number. It’s a service that has the best advantages regarding the quality of communication and price.

What does VoIP exactly do? Well, when you call someone using this service, your voice is changed from an analog sound to a digital sound which gets compresses and then travels the internet to the person that at the other end. When it arrives, the data is decompressed and converted back to its’ original sound and heard by the other person. This is the most advanced way of communication as you may benefit from audio/video calls at high speed with minimal charge. Regarding these kind of services, some work only on the computer or through a special IP Phone whereas others work even on the traditional phone with the help of an IP adapter.

How can I get started? Well, first of all you have to choose from the three basic types of phones available for VoIP service. We have PC based Softphone also known as digital or internet phone, Dedicated VOIP Phone and Analog Telephone Adapter. The first one is the cheapest choice and you only need to install a software program on the computer. While making a call you need to be connected to the internet. The greatest thing is that nowadays Softphones are designed to work almost like traditional phones. The most expensive type of VoIP phone system is Dedicated VoIP Phone and doesn’t need a computer to give and receive calls.

What about the service providers? Well, you have to be careful before choosing your company. Usually, IT Support companies have this kind of service. So, while you’re at it, think about what else besides VoIP do you need and compare the offers they provide. You can find all this information online. Usually, the provider charges for the initial installation and for the connection or/and per call. In order to use VoIP you have to decide the type of equipment you need so that you can really enjoy the cost saving. To be honest, it is very easy to switch to this kind of phone service and the company provides everything you need.

Talking about the greatest advantages VoIP brings to our world, well, let’s start with clearer and faster voice quality, video/audio conferences, three way calling, caller ID, the cheapest long distance calls, ability to connect the offices spread all over the world so that they can work as one unit, mobility and flexibility for global operations, voice mail, call forwarding and I can go on and on and on. The thing is, this service gets you ahead of the competition. It doesn’t matter how large your company is, VoIP is the most affordable type of phone service and it can bring your company just the flexibility and sophistication it needs.

Just remember, VoIP is managed by the service provider but it’s controlled by you. It involves no capital investment, no operating costs, no management time, no need to take endless messages when people are out. Not missing a call may mean not missing a sales opportunity. While you’re thinking of what IT Support company to use, also think about the security of your business and the level you want to take it to. You might find out that you also need services like remote backup, disaster recovery, server monitoring, good broadband service. This way, you control anything that happens to your business without any stress and time waste involved.